Rima Laibow, MD – Currently the Medical Director of the Natural Solutions Foundation, Dr. Rima Laibow is passionate about the rights of every American to choose, free from government and corporate interference, their personal, path of health.  She believes in using nutrients and other natural options to find, define, and treat health problems.  Dr. Laibow has practiced drug-free, natural medicine for 35 years.  She graduated from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 1970 and has since made it her goal to keep natural, non-toxic health options available for all Americans.  From 1995 to 2005, Dr. Laibow has kept an especially close eye on the Codex Alimentarius, which she has come to realize poses a very real threat to our freedom to medicate.  In 2005, she, along with her husband, Major General Albert Stubblebine, closed her thriving medical practice and founded Natural Solutions Foundation, so they could devote all their time to the attacks on our health and health freedoms.  In 2001, Dr. Laibow and colleagues established the Neurotherapy and Biofeedback Certification Board (NBCB), of which Dr Laibow is the current President, by combining the Biofeedback, Neuropathy, and Peak Performance Certification Boards.

For more information about Dr. Laibow and the Natural Solutions Foundation
please visit www.healthfreedomusa.org

Dr. Rima Laibow

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