Dr Stan Monteith - An Orthopedic Surgeon until his retirement in 1994, Dr. Stan Monteith led the way, in the 1980ís, in addressing the AIDS epidemic as a public health issue rather than a civil rights issue.  From this, Dr. Monteith wrote AIDS:  The Unnecessary Epidemic, still one of the best books available on the AIDS epidemic.  He also wrote the pamphlet To Deceive a Nation, and more recently, A Nation Deceived and Betrayed.   Dr. Monteith, also author of Brotherhood of Darkness, is well versed in geopolitics, as well as the American education system, media, and US Constitution.

Dr. Monteith currently spends 5 hours a day as the host of Radio Liberty, a talk radio program, which is heard on shortwave radio, Telestar 5 Satellite, and on the Internet at www.radioliberty.com

Dr. Stan Monteith

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