Joyce Riley, RN, BSN – Spokesperson for The American Gulf War Veterans Association (AGWVA),  registered nurse, medical expert, and radio host Joyce Riley has given her all for her country.  Reared in Arkansas City, Kansas, she attended the University of Kansas graduating as a Registered Nurse. Ms. Riley wanted to “do the right thing” and serve her country.  She joined the Air force and as Captain Riley served in the US Air Force as a Flight Nurse and flew on C-130 Missions.  Ms. Riley has served as Director of Nursing at many hospitals in Texas and, because of her attention to detail, is also an expert witness in medical lawsuits requiring an expert in procedure and nursing care.  Because of this, and as Spokesperson for AGWVA, Ms. Riley is dedicated to thorough, complete, provable research.  She provides veterans, through, education and information about Gulf War Illness, an illness, until very recently, not recognized by the medical world.  She is dedicated to finding treatment for the illnesses from which thousands of Gulf War veterans now suffer.  Ms. Riley co-produced the award winning documentary, Beyond Treason, 2005, which exposes governmental experimentation on American military.  This DVD is supported by documentation provided on CD-Rom, which was obtained through the Freedom Of Information Act.  Ms. Riley also co-hosts a daily three hour international radio program, The Power Hour, with her husband, Dave vonKleist.  The Power Hour deals with such topics as Gulf War Illness, civil liberties, alternative health, and more.  

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Joyce Riley, RN

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