Joan Veon - A successful business woman for years, Joan Veon, got her “wake up” call about global government in September, 1994, when she attended the United Nations Conference on Population and Development, in Cairo, Egypt.  She realized there was much more going on at the global level than was being reported to the American people.  Since that time, Mrs. Veon has become an independent journalist, covering more than seventy-one United Nations and UN-related conferences.  She has gained her expertise and understanding of the Global Agenda by interviewing presidents, prime ministers, World Bank Officials, high officials throughout the Clinton and Bush administrations, multi- and transnational CEO’s and more.  A business woman for twenty years, Mrs. Veon writes a quarterly economic newsletter, offers securities through Mutual Services Corp., offers advisory services through Veon Financial Services, Inc., and writes a bi-monthly newsletter, UN Watch, which is available through her non-profit organization, The Women’s international Media Group.  She is also the author of two books, Prince Charles The Sustainable Prince, and United Nations Global Straightjacket.  Mrs. Veon is currently working on her third book, which will deal with global and economic affairs.

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Joan Veon

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