Dave vonKleist – Musician, comedian, writer, producer, radio host, and political activist, Dave vonKleist, has been in the entertainment industry for over 30 years, whether it be radio broadcasting, television announcing, or musician.  An Air Force brat, Mr. vonKleist traveled all over the United States as a child, finally winding up in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  He attended the Berkeley College of Music and the University of Hartford studying Radio and Television Production.  In 1971, Mr. vonKleist became a musician and in 1979, he became a broadcaster.  He has performed and recorded in the genres of rock, swing, disco, and jazz, and has added “politically incorrect, in your face” music to the list.  Mr. vonKleist wrote and directed the comedy show “Spotlight Tonight”, voted both “Best Show’ and “Best Directed” show in the Laurel Cable Awards in 1984.   In 1995, while living in Waterbury, Connecticut, he was the host of The Dave Riddell Show.  Mr. vonKleist, in 2004, produced one of the most thought provoking documentaries about September 11, 2001 on the market today, 9-11 In Plane Site, which uses video footage to discredit the “official story” of that fateful day in our American history.  Mr. vonKleist currently co-hosts a daily three hour international radio program, The Power Hour, with his wife, Joyce Riley, writes politically incorrect music, and has a new DVD production in the works.

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Dave vonKleist

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