NEWS RELEASE:  June 15, 2006

William Lewis Films, PO Box 30576, Columbia MO  65202
Contact Information:  Debbie Lewis - 573-378-9123 

June 15, 2006
Immediate Release

Director of Controversial September 11th Exposeí Releases New Shock-Doc

     William Lewis and Power Hour Productions announce the release of their most 

frightening documentary to date, One Nation Under Siege.  Sure to be as thought

provoking as 9-11 In Plane Site (2004) and Beyond Treason (2005), One Nation

Under Siege is a powerful assessment of the state of our United States of America.

Under Siege purports that the Constitution of the United States has been openly

sacrificed on the all-mighty altar of Nationalism and Corporatism and shows, by

historical example, that the United States could very well be heading straight for

a fascist state.

     The film argues that citizens of the United States have already lost their civil

liberties and that the reality of the USA PATRIOT Act will soon be brought to

fruition.  Worse, the war on terrorism could hurdle the United States into a new

dark age where cameras and cops on very street corner will monitor, track, and

control the entire population.

     One Nation Under Siege boasts a top-rated cast of international

researchers and respected journalists who were assembled for the express

purpose of answering some very tough questions about the state of

this Union.  Those  featured in One Nation Under Siege were:

  Jim Marrs:  Author "Rule By Secrecy", "War on Freedom" & "Inside Job"

  Dr Stan Monteith:  Author of "Brotherhood of Darkness"

  Dave vonKleist:  Producer "911 In Plane Site" co-host/The Power Hour

  Dr Sherri Tenpenny:  Author of "Fowl! Bird Flu:  Itís Not What You Think"

  Joyce Riley:  Co-Producer "Beyond Treason" Spokesperson for AGWVA

  Charlotte Iserbyt:  Author of "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America"

  Joan Veon:  United Nationís expert, author "UN Global Straightjacket"

  Dr Rima Laibow:  Freedom of Health Advocate, Medical Doctor

  Major General Albert Stubblebine:  West Point Graduate, US Army Ret

  Derry Brownfield:  Broadcaster, host/The Derry Brownfield Show

  Liz McIntyre:  RFID/Consumer Privacy Expert, Co-author of Spychips

  Niki Raapana:  Author of "20/20" & expert on Communitarian Law


     The filmís producer and director, William Lewis, won a 2005 Berkeley

Grand Festival Award for his second Documentary, Beyond Treason (2005),

which, for the first time, exposed the world to the dangers of battlefield

depleted uranium exposure and connected the dots to Gulf War Illness.

In addition, Beyond Treason exposes the governmental experimentation,

usually without their knowledge, on our American Military Troops.

      Mr. Lewisí documentaries have been distributed internationally, as

well as to many US Senators and Representatives, in an effort to make a

difference in our American way of life, without the further loss of freedoms,

which a growing majority of Americanís now take for granted.

One Nation Under Siege is available from